A Strong Query Letter Is Your Ticket to Getting Noticed!

A Strong Query Letter Is Your Ticket to Getting Noticed!

A query letter is an inquiry through letter if an agent is willing to represent you. A query letter could be sent to a publisher, a film producer, or anyone the author can collaborate with.

A strong query letter will hook the agent and generate interest—enough for them to reach out to you to learn more about your work and, from there, form a mutually beneficial partnership from your work.

Writing a strong query letter is crucial to your success as an author because the best agents in the industry receive dozens of queries per day, but may only sign in a few authors per year.

Some authors can write really good query letters based off their writing experiences or by following best practices from websites like writersdigest.com or scribophile.com, which offer numerous helpful tips and guidelines. However, some busy authors employ people to write amazing query letters for them from publishing aid providers such as Brilliant Books Literary.

Brilliant Books Literary is a team of literary agents, but they also employ diverse teams dedicated to addressing various author needs such as editing, book cover design, book trailers, promotions, and yes, creating a powerful sales pitch in the form of a query letter.  

Why choose Brilliant Books Literary to draft your query letter?

Brilliant Books Literary’s writers

  • are experienced writers with good perception of how an agent thinks.
  • know that you are pitching yourself as much as you’re pitching your project.
  • write with confidence to capture the agent’s attention (a lack of confidence shows up on the query).
  • write a compelling query letter that accurately reflects your work.
  • have written thousands of query letters which evolved into full-blown projects.

If you are in the middle of writing a book or have just finished one and you want to get an agent’s attention, you may start drafting your query letter. But if you want an expert to write it for you, by all means hire a writer from Brilliant Books Literary to draft your query letter.

Push your career and project forward. Hire a Brilliant Books Literary writer today!

If you want to know more about Brilliant Books Literary’s services including acquiring a winning query letter for your book, please visit their website https://brilliantbooksliterary.com/ or email info@brilliantbooksliterary.com.