Brilliant Books Literary Is a Vanity Publication You Can Trust!

As an author, what negative things have your heard about vanity publications? If you
google “vanity publication” or “vanity publisher,” several warnings pop out that may
discourage you—things like…
 Vanity publication is expensive! You’ll be footing most, if not all, of the bill.
 Once you have availed of their service, you are on your own. You have to do the
marketing yourself.
 Your book will not be available at the local Barns & Noble. You will have low
 Vanity publishing is not a legitimate means. Vanity publishing is a scam. Only
trust trade publishing.
 Vanity publishing means poor quality. You will yield a lower-quality book
compared to a trade publisher.
Well, Brilliant Books Literary begs to differ! At Brilliant Books Literary:
 You get to keep the rights to your work.
 While you initially shell out money to cover production costs—as all vanity
publications require—you get to keep a bigger cut of the profits.
 Our marketing team can help find a suitable target market for your specific book
niche which most trade publishers may find as “not appealing” (e.g., family
genealogy memoir).
 Most, if not all, of our books are available to order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon,
and major retailers worldwide!
 We are proud to have a brilliant team who only delivers high-quality, world-class
output that undergoes strict quality assurance—to the delight and satisfaction of
our author clients. See our happy client reviews here. Check out our amazing
book covers from our gallery.
 We will never leave you on your own. Your project manager will assist you every
step of the way from the moment of contract signing.
 You can ensure that your book never goes out of stock with our “print on
demand” technology.

Brilliant Books Literary takes good care of the name they have worked hard to build and
establish. Rest assured, you can trust Brilliant Books Literary to deliver! Brilliant Books
Literary is a vanity publication you can trust.
Please visit to know more about them and their
services. Email if you have inquiries or concerns.