Brilliant Books Literary Will Publish and then Advertise Your Book

Look no more.
If you are an author who wishes to publish your book, Brilliant Books Literary is both a
publisher and a marketing agency so that after the publication, their passionate team
can go on ahead and promote your book. Brilliant Books Literary’s authors appreciate
how they receive the complete package of publication and advertisement—hassle-free.
Each project is tailormade for the author’s wishes for their book as well as budget. Here
is an outline of the publication and promotion process that each author may receive
when they sign in with Brilliant Books Literary:
 The author will be assigned their own project manager, who will give the author a
brief of the whole process including costs, timelines, and expectations. All the
author’s queries will be addressed.
 The book will undergo the copyediting stage.
 The book will be sent back to the client, who will approve or reject the
 The book will be readied for layout.
 Discussion will be underway for the book cover. Author’s requests will be catered
for. Author will be allowed a certain number of revisions which will be discussed
by the project manager.
 As the book is finalized, marketing planning and strategy discussions will
 A book trailer will be prepared. This is a video teaser which will help hook
potential readers and can be shared across Brilliant Books Literary as well as the
author’s social media pages.
 A query letter will be made to attract an agent who will represent the author to
various publishers.
 A press release will be made to announce the launching of the book and where
buyers can purchase them.
 Discussion for other services will be made such as audio book, Hollywood pitch,
book signing and other promotional media, etc.
 Promotion on Brilliant Books Literary’s Facebook page.

Brilliant Books Literary also launched their exclusive monthly magazine, Literary Today,
designed to showcase each newly published book and its respective author. The
Brilliant Books Literary team is always finding more ways to give their authors and their
projects their much-needed exposure.
To date, Brilliant Books Literary has hundreds of happy and satisfied authors whose
books have gained ample recognition and have shown promising returns of investment.
Read about some of these authors’ positive reviews here. Publish your book at Brilliant Books Literary.
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