Bring Your Book Covers to Life with Brilliant Books Literary’s Creative Team

So, you have spent months of tweaking, revising, and meticulous proofreading. You
have practically asked your entire family and friends to read your book and give their
feedback, and finally this is it!
Your hard work and dedication have paid off—you are ready to publish!
But wait—your masterpiece deserves a book cover worthy of your story. After all, the
book cover is the first to get noticed before potential readers get interested in the story.
This is where the creative team of Brilliant Books Literary enters the scene.
Brilliant Books Literary’s dedicated creative team consists of talented and experienced
graphic designers and illustrators who have had created designs and illustrations for
hundreds of clients throughout their career. They are versatile in creating book covers
that fit a wide range of genres and have had hundreds of happy authors whose
expectations were more than met!
Brilliant Books Literary’s artists will create useful, meaningful, and functional visuals
using digital technology, which took them years to master. They will listen to your needs
and whip up something based on your suggestions—basically create into digital output
what you have dreamed in your mind.
And if you still have not thought about what you really want for your book cover, Brilliant
Books Literary’s artists can do the creative thinking for you and come up with options
that will suit your liking—kind of like “surprise me”—and you will be surprised in a good
Aside from a really lit book cover, Brilliant Books Literary’s creative team can help you:
 Develop visual assets to support your marketing campaign,
 design a graphic overlay for your social media posts,
 formalize the layout for a print ad,
 retouch photos for digital signage, and many more!
But don’t take our word of it. Feel free to browse through some of their creative team’s
work in Brilliant Books Literary’s gallery:
Are you looking for a book cover designer of illustrator that will make your book stand
out among the crowd? Visit Brilliant Books Literary’s website or email